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In addition to the collections for Robert&Blad, designer Helle Robertson Forslund also does styling, lectures and freelance design comissions.

Here you can see some examples of work done.

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videostill from a talk about eco fashion Photo: Michel Thomas Photographer: Helene Toresdotter Photographer: Carl Magnus Johansson Photographers: Peter Kardne och Oscar Näsström Brogatan Photographer: Jeffery Richt Photographer: Daniel Pedersen Photograper: Jonas Ingerstedt Video: Jeffery Richt Photographer: James Davis Photographer: Mikael Leijon Photographer: Jeffrey Richt Photographer: Patrik Lidforsen
Talks: Designer Helle Robertson Forslund hold talks on fashion and trends, re-design, sustainability and many related topics. You are welcome with your inquiries.

Movie: Adios MTHRFCKR
A short film from 2011, by Robert&Blad and Ulrika Rang, after an idea by Robert&Blad and with music by VerVain. The film is about the dramatic and radical re-designing of a wedding dress with bad karma. Beautifully filmed with warmth and drastic humor to the sweet sound of hardcore punk.
View the MOVIE!

Trademark: Underhund
Photographer: Helene Toresdotter
Design: Robert&Blad
Trademark: Popkitten
Photographer: Carl Magnus Johansson
Design: Robert&Blad
Client: Diesel
Photographers: Peter Kardne www.kardne.se
Oscar Näsström oscarnasstrom.blogspot.com
Styling: Robert&Blad
Client: Restaurant Brogatan, Malmö
Design: Robert&Blad
Client: Annehem
Agency: Glenn
Photographer: Jeffery Richt
Styling: Robert&Blad
Artist: Svante Sjöblom
Photographer: Daniel Pedersen
Styling, design & Photo concept: Robert&Blad
Client: Skånemejerier
Agency: Mc Cann
Photograper: Jonas Ingerstedt
Styling & costume design: Robert&Blad
Artist: Helena Josefsson
Video: Jeffery Richt
Styling & Costume design: Robert&Blad
Photographer: James Davis
Styling: Robert&Blad
Photographer: Mikael Leijon
Styling & design: Robert&Blad
Artist: WIT
Photographer: Jeffery Richt
Styling & design: Robert&Blad
Artist: Tandem
Client: Dennis Westerberg konsult
Photographer: Patrik Lidforsen
Styling: Robert&Blad